bloggy blessings

I am quite good at being a recluse.  I enjoy it.  And I have never indulged in it as thoroughly as I have over the last few months.

When I get enough time to be a recluse, then eventually I have enough energy to make time for my friends.  I know:  some of the people I care most about have still been dreadfully ignored, and oh-so-patient-and-understanding while I’ve gone quiet.  But others have re-emerged.  Friends from the States.  Friends from other parts of my life, who long endured the silence borne of an over-full diary and silly stress levels.  We have begun writing again.  And speaking.  And I have been amazed at how quickly friendship resumes, how deeply is it imprinted despite long neglect.

And finally, it seems, I have the energy to re-engage with some of what I left behind this summer.  Once upon a time, if I had disappeared from the SEC to watch kingfishers and bake cakes in Durham, that might have been the end of it.  No way back.  In Exile in Englandshire.  But the blogs change all that — even when my own blog is largely dormant.

For five years now, I’ve been nudging seasonal blogs into being:  Love Blooms Bright in Advent, and Beauty from Chaos in Lent.  Some of our readers didn’t know my life had changed, and asked if the blog was going on.  So, the blog that began in hopes of reaching people on the margins finally came back to catch me.

Dusting off a seasonal blog takes long than you might think.  It takes longer than I think, though I’ve done it so many times.  But still one needs to gather the team, encourage new bloggers, stir ideas with those who have written so often that all the obvious things have been done. The site needs updating, the Creative Cmomon’s license needs renewing, and of course the blog needs a twitter account of its own (@LvBloomsBright).  Indeed, I need a twitter account of my own (@wonderfulexchng) since my old one was tied to my previous location.   So, all afternoon there has been the familiar twooo of the tweet deck.  A few weeks ago it would have felt invasive and annoying, but today it has been fun.

I guess that means I’m re-emerging — though I suspect there’s a bit of the hokey-pokey about it.

And then, in a perfectly timed moment of encouragement, Mother ruth called me by name.

I’m looking forward to Advent, and so glad for the healing, redeeming round of the church year.


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