music night (diaspora version)

You thought they’d stopped, didn’t you?  But we can do this at a distance.

Tonight’s song — guaranteed to lift gloomy moods, and banish all existential questions about uncontrollable futures — is an Alleluia, taught by Paul Vasile from the All Saints Company.

Vimeo and Firefox don’t always play nicely together, so if you are having trouble, go straight to the Vimeo site rather than trying to sing along here.

4 thoughts on “music night (diaspora version)”

  1. It’s a great little Alleluia, that. It’s also in one of the Wild Goose books (the little yellow one). It’s a brilliant one to start folks singing in parts. I never pass up an opportunity to use it!

  2. Yes. That’s why I wondered if you’d had a hand in the hymnal I just got. There’s a lot of overlap with the Iona stuff, though I’m liking the differences. I’m deciding that the helpful little labels ‘easy’, ‘medium’, ‘difficult’ bear little relation to how I find it. It looks so easy when you do it, but I still find it tricky to imagine holding all the lines in mind while cuing people in. Still, at least I have time to learn right now.

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