now appearing…

About a year ago, I went on retreat, and began the process of turning my life upside-down. I came home having named a number of things I wanted and a number of things I didn’t want, and began thinking about how to make them happen.  That process is still ongoing, but all in all, it has been a delight.

Along the way, ideas were picked up and tried.  Some things worked, others were soon discarded.  Today, I’ve been playing with the things that fell onto the scrap pile.

I came home from the retreat wanting more private space, and (me being me, for the first time a many a moon) I began by setting up a new blog.  It was a carefully guarded secret, which is really a silly thing to do to a blog.  It lasted for a heady glorious month, and then I came home to wonderfulexchange and  forgot that the other blog had ever existed. Until, that is, WordPress sent me the CSS update reminder.

A lot has happened in the past year, but it was fascinating to see how much fun and energy I had as I began to break free of the things that had been clipping my wings.

Thanks to those who took that brief blogging journey with me, and for those who persevere through the slow slow drip of blogging here.

The old posts from the hidden blog are uploaded here:

what I learned on retreat — 22 March, 2011

blessing of blossom — 24 March, 2011

the icon I’ve been missing — 26 March, 2011

realised eschatology (for cats) — 28 March, 2011

Banburgh Blessing — 6 April, 2011

a day at the palace — 29 April, 2011

5 thoughts on “now appearing…”

  1. You know me, I love looking at things from all sorts of angles. I would put forward that the retreat of a year ago righted more of your life than turned it upside-down.

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