watch cat

Have I mentioned that Molly is an introvert?

After many months of mostly-solitude, we have had four weeks of visitors.  This has been more fun for me than for Molly, but occasionally tiring for both of us.  Today, I have had to send my visitor out alone, while I stayed in for a delivery.  Molly sought neither lap nor attention, but immediately fell into a coma.  I fear she has been playing watch-cat all these days and is just exhausted.

So, it is my turn to play watch cat.  That is about enough activity for today, on my one afternoon off before another three weeks of friends and travel.

1 thought on “watch cat”

  1. ‘Sfunny but Lucy Pussy is such an attention seeker. When the Book Group arrives she has a parade around the coffee table twice, mewing as she goes and dodging hands that try to stroke her. Then she sits by my side crying loudly for treats (which she gets). However, this is never enough and she goes on making a noisy fuss while we try and discuss our latest tome. It takes ages of ignoring her or saying NO in a firm voice before she gives up and exits. She has been known to try and sit on the back of the sofa while guests sit upon it, glaring at them for daring to be near her throne.

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