Lincoln Advent: 3 December

Advent Prayers, 3 December
Community Chaplaincy, Skegness

Reveal among us the light of your presence,
that we may behold your power and glory.
(Common Worship, prayer for Advent)

When I was a child, the biggest hint of God’s glory was hidden behind the numbered squares of an Advent Calendar. The glory was glitter, not chocolate, and it magnified the delight of carefully cut windows, painted pictures, and layers of beauty yet untold. I see now that the magic of an Advent Calendar – of the old fashioned kind at least – is the way one world lies hidden in the other. Bit by bit, the snowy street-scene opens itself up to the presence of trumpets and candy-canes, stars and bright angels, till at last we come face to face with the new-born God.

In Advent, we are asked to believe that the glory of God lies hidden in the scenes of our streets. It is there behind darkened windows and closed doors. It is there behind stressed faces and hands trembling in fear. Advent teaches us to search for a world yet revealed – to long for and expect God’s glory to emerge from the hidden places, the hard-to-get-at places, in the very last place we would expect.

Today, we pray for Community Chaplaincy in Skegness. We pray that the beauty of God will be revealed in the work that they do, the relationships they form, and the glory they uncover in the lives of those they meet.

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