Lincoln Advent: 12 December

Advent Prayer, 12 December
Evergreen Care Trust

Lord Jesus, you are the one who is to come,
the one whom we await with longing hearts.
(Common Worship, Evening Prayer in Advent)

Every December, when I was growing up, there would come a moment when my father called, and opened the seldom-used door to the attic. We’d climb the dusty stairs, step over the big black heating pipes, and duck under the eaves to find the Christmas ornaments. Every step of this journey was precious. But what I really wanted was to be back downstairs, sitting on the floor beneath the tree, unwrapping ornament after ornament till I found The One.

The ornaments were old and fragile: glass balls with spun silver, soft feathered birds, foil baubles. The one that I wanted was different, though. It was the last ornament from my Grandmother’s childhood: a large twisting tear-drop painted pink and gold. I was never sure that she liked it as much as I did. Perhaps the memories it stirred were complex. But for me, it was the object of desire, a thing of great beauty: the moment when Christmas became real and hope stretched in all directions.

There is something deeply satisfying in preparing the house for Christmas — and something very sad when the thought of doing so becomes too much, too hard, or simply unrealistic amid the challenges of life. We never stop needing beauty and wonder. Our longing for it is like – is part of – our desire for God, and the scale of it is infinite. Most of the time, we dare not name this – dare not admit what we long for. And then, we climb into the attic, take down the Christmas ornaments, and find a way to express something that has no words, no limit, but is the very stuff of God.

Today we pray for Evergreen Care Trust. Evergreen helps older and more vulnerable members of the community by providing meals, companionship, advocacy and support. We pray for the work of Evergreen, and for all who enter the homes of the elderly and the vulnerable to help bring order and beauty and love when the normal tasks of life become difficult.

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