Lincoln Advent: 17 December

Advent Prayers, 17 December
Lincolnshire Chaplaincy Services

O Sapientia

O Wisdom, proceeding from the mouth of the Most High,
filling all the world and ordering all things with your strength and gentleness:
Come and teach us the way of truth.
(traditional Magnificat antiphon )

Today is the day we pray for wisdom. All over the world, as dark falls and evening prayer is said, the Magnificat is surrounded by a cry for wisdom.

The “O” Antiphons are a very old part of the church’s life. ‘O Wisdom’, ‘O King’, ‘O root of Jesse’, ‘O Dayspring from on high’. We know them best as the carol, O Come, O Come Emmanuel – and I cannot imagine an Advent without it. But the truth is, I love these prayers most as they were first sung: one at a time, day by day, slowly surrounding Mary’s song.

‘O Wisdom’ calls us to a place of sanity. Amid the intensity of our preparations for Christmas – crowded streets and long to-do lists – Wisdom whispers of a different sort of world. ‘Come’, she says, ‘to a road that is gentle. Come, find compassion and truth.’

As we draw near the end of Advent, there will be a thousand reasons that we fail to find rest or prayer or peace. Lots of them will be good reasons. Some of them will be the very work of God. But I suspect that some will be of our own making – as we try to do more than is humanly possible, more than is humanly necessary, and confuse ourselves with God. Wisdom invites us to remember our place: as co-creators and workers for the kingdom, certainly – but also as the beloved children of God.

There are eight days left – long enough for preparation, creation and sabbath rest. Wisdom calls to a road that is gentle, and urges compassion on ourselves.

Today we pray for the Lincolnshire Chaplaincy Services, which offers pastoral care in places of work, education and leisure. We pray that through their efforts, the people of Lincolnshire will find greater peace, greater purpose, greater pleasure as the ways of Wisdom sink in.

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