Lincoln Advent: 23 December

Advent Prayers, 23 December
Christian Action and Resource Enterprise

O Emmanuel

O Emmanuel, God-with-us, our king and lawgiver,
the one whom the nations await and their saviour:
come to save us, O Lord our God.

Beloved, let us love one another, for Love is from God.
(1 John 4.7)

Where do you hope to find God?

Do you find God in beauty and wonder and music?
in friendship, and laughter and love?
Do you find God in silence?
in dreaming and longing?
or the late slanting light of the sun?

Maybe you find God in others:
you have learned to see God in the streets –
but a part of you longs for sweet-tempered lions,
a world at last at peace.

Or perhaps your God is more distant:
you’re not sure yet of your place –
or if you believe, or want to dream –
maybe kindness
or truth
will suffice.

God comes in what’s most familiar – always has and always will.
God comes in what stirs our hearts to praise
and engages our minds in love.

The things that we love come to change us –
they will never leave us the same.
And Christ, the Beloved, comes to dwell with us now,
and will never leave us alone.


Today we pray for the Christian Action and Resource Enterprise (CARE) which works to relieve poverty and distress in North East Lincolnshire. We pray for all who struggle with debt, or loneliness or fear this Christmas, and for all who embody God’s love.

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