Learning Curve

Today has been a day of teaching and learning: learning my way around wordpress, figuring out how to register a domain name and set up email forwarding, and trying to teach the basics of biblical criticism in two hours or less.

Learning is so basic to our growth as people and our growth in Christ. And sometimes I think it doesn’t matter what we learn, so long as we are learning something: stretching our understanding and reaching just beyond our grasp.

For me, the excitement of a concept that dances just on the edge of consciousness reminds me of the early stages of coming to faith. God was a bewildering concept — an idea that belonged to other people, rather like the knot theory I learned as a friend spoke of her dissertation over late night cups of cocoa. Then all of a sudden, God was there: a glimmer of hope on the edge of consciousness. A vague awareness that would not go away.

The business of growing in faith is the business of getting used to the feeling of not-quite understanding. It is a matter of questioning and learning and deepening our awareness, only to find that God is as elusive as ever — still so far beyond our grasp. And that is why God is exciting. God is always calling us beyond ourselves, always opening us to something new.

And if the mechanics of wordpress and html can serve as a reminder of that, so much the better.

1 thought on “Learning Curve”

  1. …or falling off one’s metaphorical donkey and spending the next 34 years discovering what had unbalanced you in the first place!

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