mine nowToday’s task was to learn how to insert photos. Since most of my recent church photos were lost when my computer crashed, I offer you instead a reminder from Molly: Epiphany has now past. Any lingering Christmas trees have been reclassified as cat toys.

4 thoughts on “reclassified”

  1. Success – I’ve made it into the blog.
    Your thoughts, Kimberly, about constantly trying to learn something strike chords with me. I feel it is so valuable to keep on learning, whatever it is, so that one’s concept of life is forever broadening. It stops us stagnating, something which can be emotionally damaging.
    Also, I want to pray through your notions of God and growing in faith – they feel very important to me.

  2. I seem to remember the ornament line on my tree last year as consistently moving higher and higher. I would come home from church (my work) and find shredded ornaments on the floor, but my two cats plead innocence. One evening I heard something from the living room and went in to find one of them half way up the tree and batting ornaments off so she and her sister could play with them. She froze, of course, and assumed the position “you can’t see me if I don’t move.” It was all very funny, except that they had shredded some lovely Moravian foil ornaments. I decided not to do the tree thing this year, mostly due to an insane schedule at church.

  3. Funny you should say that. I was just speaking to someone today about foil ornaments in need of shredding. Perhaps if you haven’t time to set up your tree, you could offer the cats out on loan as a sort of ruthless (un-)decorating service?

  4. I am NOT showing this to Lancelot (our cat) – he’ll get ideas. But I am showing it to Sr. Carolyn and the others!

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