as it should be

Today saw the first of our ‘training days’ for those involved with leading worship in Rothesay (those who read, lead prayers, and officiate at Mattins). I take it for granted that it is always worthwhile to reflect on what we are doing, talk about what works and what doesn’t, and see if we can learn to do things better. But I realise that for some, any talk of ‘training’ is problematic — they either interpret it as a vote of no confidence in what is already happening, or it reminds them of school.

But today there was a wonderful reminder of why it is so important. The readers gathered — or rather, a few of the readers gathered — only for me to discover that one member of the congregation had skills in voice training and public speaking far beyond anything I had imagined.

It is such a joy to gather a congregation for training and reflection only to find that I learned far more than I taught.

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