a glossary for atheists

A non-churchy friend drew my attention to a certain amount of piskie jargon on the blog that needed attention. He had several other interesting things to say too, but he refuses to comment lest his atheist input spoils the sanctity of a church blog.

So, a basic glossary:

Piskie (n) — (1) a member of the Scottish Episcopal Church. (2) a small fairy.

Piskie (adj) — a particularly Scottish diminutive of Episcopalian (e.g. ‘The Piskie Church’). Used inclusively.

Canon 35 (n) — a bit of church law designed to inhibit over zealous or ill planned redecoration of churches. One of God’s great gifts to the church.

Canon 35 (n) — a camera suitable for use in churches that have heeded canon law.

TEC (n) — The Episcopal Church. The new name of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA). Changed to avoid implying that all diocese were in the States (e.g., the diocese of Haiti). Now implying ‘this is what it means to be episcopalian’.

SEC (n).– The Scottish Episcopal Church. The Mother Church of TEC. Not a daughter church of the Church of England (whatever the Windsor Report claims).

Windsor Report (n) — as good reason as any for choosing to remain an atheist.

2 thoughts on “a glossary for atheists”

  1. I would have added:

    ‘TEC’: Continuing evidence that Americans still think they are the only people in the world. eg. ‘The World Series’ is actually their national baseball championship. No one else n the world enters it, but it’s still called ‘The World Series’. ‘TEC’: The Episcopal Church (Just in case you lot in Scotland thought you were an episcopal church too, now you know – you’re not!)

  2. Now that I’ve been travelling in the States for a bit, I don’t actually think anyone knows our country exists – let alone our church!
    Love from Diane and Casey to you all.

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