primary sources

I haven’t posted anything about the recent Primate’s meeting because the web has been awash with news. But increasingly, the volume of news is becoming confusing and there is a shocking lack of truth telling in some quarters.

So the teacher in me has come out: please read the primary sources. Read them and read them again, and form your own response. And then, read whatever else you like. Critique the critics. Be wary of people are too happy with the communique and who seem not to hear the people screaming in pain all around.

Primary sources: Primates’ Communique and Draft Covenant

Addendum– this reflection, from +Katherine Jefferts Schori is worth reading too.

2 thoughts on “primary sources”

  1. Thanks for the links. I’ve also read our Primus’ statement – and feel, frankly, a bit lost. Soemwhere the fire has been smothered under a linguistic dross and the service I attended in Grace Church in Birmingham seems to belong to another planet.

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