4 thoughts on “mother church”

  1. this is very good, but I do think it is a farce. She lists terrorizing children and scrubbing floors on her hands and knees as her interests.

  2. This is or was an occasion of sin! Here I come to your site to look for good quotes for my paper (no, I am not making this up, and you did tell me I could use blog material as I liked!), and you have this dangerous little link… Three acts of contrition, whatever those are. Or a few Hail Mary’s. With the intention that I survive these two papers. And not follow any more links! (-:

    I’d do my own religious life blog, as you suggested, but I’d probably get myself in trouble. In a variety of ways, not just by blogging instead of reading Augustine. Not that I would ever do that, especially not with a paper due. (That’s the other paper – though if you have anything on your site for Augustine and ethics, do let me know.)

    By the way, I think I terrorized children (with verb conjugation quizzes) back before being a sister, but I’ve recently given up scrubbing floors for sacristy work, so I guess I’m off the hook. Maybe I should list my new hobbies as trimming candles and trying to sort out collect use for vespers when it’s Lent, a feast day, and the eve of another feast…

  3. Sarah, you beat me to it. I was just writing to Sumner ‘yes, and…? might not you have said something similar about terrorizing children while at Chatham.’ But you leapt in and proved my point.

    What on earth are you writing about, Sarah, that you thought you’d find quotes here?

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