they are we

Now that you’ve all had a chance to read primary sources, a little something from the BBC interview with +Mark Sist from the diocese of New York:

BBC Do you feel as if you are being asked to choose between the communion on the one hand and on the other the gay and lesbian members of your church?

+MS I certainly think that some people would like us to make that choice. I would certainly hope that the majority of the communion is not asking us to make that choice.

BBC: But if they do ask you to make that choice on what side will you step?

+MS I would have to say, as I have said before, that in terms of the Gay and Lesbian Community, they are we. They are not guests in our church about which we can make a decision about whether they will be a part of us or not. They are who we are. So if it should come to some sort of bright line, I certainly would not abandon members of my own diocese, my own community for the benefit of people who do not value their presence.

2 thoughts on “they are we”

  1. Those of us in IntegrityUSA (Episcopal GLBT support and advocacy organization in the States) have be urged to talk with our local bishops prior to the House of Bishops meeting (in about three weeks). There is a strong feeling that the bishops will vote to support the moratoria requested. There is apparently much more fear than I sense in my little corner of West Tennessee that we (GLBT community) will be “sold out” for the sake of retaining seats at Lambuth. As a friend said, “No one will readily give up their seat to the fancy tea party.”

  2. I love the statement, they are we. But as I think about it more, I want to invert the populations.

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