breathing space


last prayer session

Tonight was the last of the Lent Groups on Prayer and we were down to the faithful few. It seems I’m not the only feeling a bit pressured right now.  It’s been a remarkable group: new members and old, few obvious connections between them and remarkably diverse personalities. Yet each of them open to God, willing to be surprised, and (more amazing still) willing to speak of their experience. That willingness to speak of God’s intimacy is rare and precious. One can only hope that it will prove contagious.

1 thought on “breathing space”

  1. I guess I count as one of the ‘faithful few’ as I attended most of the Lent Group on prayer. To Kimberly a big thank you I learned new techniques and experienced a real sense of space to find, speak and listen to God in new ways. To all the Group thank you for sharing your experiences. To those who couldn’t come you missed something really special.

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