special dispensation

I need special dispensation from the liturgical committee for an out of season Alleluia.

All praise for the new found set of commands that have taught my old printer new tricks.  I can now print duplex booklets with a minimum of fuss and no misprinted pages.

I reckon that should save about 5 hours this week, which is a VERY GOOD THING given that it is half past midnight on Palm Sunday even with the clever printer.

3 thoughts on “special dispensation”

  1. I’m told there’s also a clever little programme called ‘Cocoabooklet’ which helps format booklets. I haven’t tried it yet, since I now have my own templates, but if we change the pew sheet to something fuller it might come in handy. I know the agony of making booklets – I used to do 600 24-page ones from scratch, but now through the miracle of photocopying advances, they come ready made from the printers 🙂

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