rural idyll

My first sight out the window this morning was of the young buck who’s taken up residence.  Nothing unusual, you might think.  But this morning, he was lying down, right in the middle of the lawn, basking in the sun.   If this goes on, we shall have to name him soon…

4 thoughts on “rural idyll”

  1. He needs to – he can only digest, given his system, if he has warmth which is why you find little indentations all over open grass land herabouts. In fact I have always thought that fact is something of a lesson for the rest of us…
    But it was also wonderfully warm and sunny in Copenhagen this weekend, which is where we ended up , using the only couple of days possible break before five weeks of elections / inspections. So forgive us for a no show on Palm Sunday in Tighnabruaich. The Marmorkirken (the largest church in Northern Europe) however, looked wonderful with its huge palms.
    And I have a photo…..

  2. Thanks for the lesson. I suppose I knew that (maybe?), but had never seen it happen so close to my window. Very different story today. Molly spent the night dancing and singing ‘a hunting we will go’, and dressing the house in red for Holy Week. RIP little mousey.

  3. During my brief time at St. Gregory’s Abbey, Three Rivers, MI (aka Triple Ripple) we saw many deer on the grounds. One of the house cats, Fred, would stalk them. Fred, as we say in this country, was not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree. The deer, of course, thought this rather silly and just stared at him.

  4. I was trawling back looking for something else and found this post which I had missed.
    Yes, Kimberly – you should name him. We have named the two deer which visit our garden – Titania and Oberon. Titania caused a thrill by bringing her last year’s offspring with her recently, when my younger daughter and wee granddaughter were visiting. They were utterly charmed.

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