My laser printer seems to have died.   Or perhaps it is just exhausted?

Am now living in hope of resurrection.

In the mean time,  I am thankful that I bought extra ink for the ink-jet, and that there are only 30 booklets and 20 leaflets left to print.

3 thoughts on “RIPrinter”

  1. Oh dear. The clock gives the game away. Why weren’t you at evening prayer?!

    Happy Easter. (we’ve had the vilgil, so it’s official now — at least in Dunoon.)

  2. Clever post title, “RIPrinter”. I will have to remember that one, not because I want my printer to ‘fill the bucket’, but so that I can spread the laughter that you gave me. Note that I am only laughing at your post title and not your misfortune! I guess a printer resurection would be a timely event.

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