A quiet day today.  No work.  No blogs that require thought.  And (if I’m lucky and the rain keeps up) no gardening.

Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make the Holy Week liturgies happen.   It occurs to me that  though we have half the people of my last church, we have not only done every bit as much, but we have done it twice and thrice.

Hopefully my brain will re-engage enough for proper blogging in the next day or two.

6 thoughts on “shhhh”

  1. Yes, quiet please. Church was closed on Monday and I spent the day reclaiming the house. I could use the whole week. Tomorrow the staff is being treated to a baseball game!

  2. How the other side lives?

    Today I begin on the house. And the ‘staff’ are being treated to a day picking sticks off the lawn in preparation for mowing! (mind you, we might all prefer that to baseball.)

  3. I realize how different our two sides of the pond are. Church here seems sometimes as much a business as anything. Calvary is a legal corporation and that designation as well as our size is coloring how “we” look at our role. Numbers seem to be the most important measure of “vital ministry.” Numbers for us are at least stagnate or marginally lower. The rector mentioned in last staff meeting that the speaker roster for next year’s preaching series will be filled by people who can bring in the numbers, and are good preachers also.

  4. So what is wrong with bringing in the numbers – at least in terms of the church’s public role and the need that exists to reach out. Those who cannot “bring in the numbers” may have greatly valued skills, but they ain’t enhancing the whole package nor are they drawing in the people who need help in finding their way.
    As in politics, so in religion in fact.
    Talking of which ….some of us who need just that help (religiously speaking) are begining to notice the absecne of the thoughts of our rector on line (not that we grudge her a well deserved rest after the rigors of Holy Week and the inspirations of Easter Day…) But….
    Or is it just that I am locked into the imperatives of a daily blog, it being an election time, and I miss the company and mental stimulation when I stray from my own screen?

  5. Sorry Michael. Brain has been given warning that it must start functioning again tomorrow. I think you can expect an annual dry spell around this time of year.

  6. Hmm. I sense a problem here – if you’re busy communicating online, you’re not evangelising in meat-space, where so many possible punters still live!
    Having said that, I’ve just established yet another network online – I guess I’m an addict! And I too miss my daily wonderful exchanges …

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