Well, I have now taught the bird to spell. But only after an unfortunate coincidence of bad typing, lack of avian spelling and a rare lapse in proofreading by our editor-in-chief led to a few creative images of God in the pew sheet.

First, in the collect: ‘O God, through your only betooten Son you have overcome death and opened the gate of life…’

Then, in the post communion prayer: ‘Eternal God, whose son Jesus Chrust is the way, the truth and the life…’

I think the latter will be a one off, but I’m quite taken by ‘betooten’. I suspect it will rank up there with my old favorite ‘One Cod, now and forever. Amen.’

p.s. — I have just run this post through the spell check. Betooten didn’t get underlined. It is clearly meant to stay.

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