a curious path

WordPress offers a list each day of what search terms people have used to find the blog.  It is usually fairly predictable: my name, the blog’s name, R. S. Thomas, eucharist, house blessing, and the like.  But today someone found their way here by searching for ‘cheese scented candle.’

I cannot think of any post that would be of help to them.  Indeed, while candles are a regular feature, I have no recolection of blogging about cheese.

What a strange world the internet is.

3 thoughts on “a curious path”

  1. Perhaps they had in mind St. Camembert?

    Someone (my sister, I think) recently gave me cocktail napkins with pictures of cheeses and the inscription “Cheeses of Nazareth.” I passed them on to a Monty Python fan with her note about “Blessed are the Cheesemakers.”

    I’m sure we could come up with some good liturgical prayers around this. In Latin, of course. You could use them at the same service with cum ba ia. And nuns singing around candles – cheese scented, of course. Think of the possibilities.

  2. Just noticed that you have a May 6 comment by Jackie using the word “cheesiness” (I think). I wonder if that might be the explanation.

  3. Actually, I figured out the link as I drove home from Glasgow yesterday. It was the house blessing blog — props included bread, wine, chese, olive, scented candles…

    So we can’t blame Jackie.

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