ugly duckling

I have taken some time off this week to ‘finish’ painting the house — most specifically, the Ugly Room that has always been dominated by bad light, lots of dirt, and a boiler the size of Rhode Island. The friend who has helped me paint almost every room in the house made yet another pilgrimage from Glasgow, and we worked well into the night on Tuesday. Yesterday was the inevitable trip to the shrine of IKEA, and today I have painted the tiles (cough, cough). It’s not quite done yet — I still need a grouting pen that is not Silver (oops), and some paint for the pipes, but here are a few photos to show St Ninia that her work has paid off:


ugly room


ugly room 3


uglly room 2

7 thoughts on “ugly duckling”

  1. Nice!
    I like that piece of art over the cat tree – is that cloth or a painting?
    I don’t see any tiles, though, unless that’s the brick color under the cat tree. Is that what a grouting pen is for?
    Feel free to come and do my room over any time you like.

  2. For that, Sarah, we would have to find your room first. Under all that paper… beneath the beads… behind the books… (and to think that’s after the vow of poverty)

  3. ps — I didn’t answer your question. The big bright thing is a bit of canvas from IKEA. They would call it art. I can’t call anything sold by the thousands art — but it is fine for livening up the ugly room.

    The tiles are around the ‘fire place’. I have since painted them a different colour.

  4. Wow – a transformation! Good for you and St Ninia. How does Molly like her new room?

  5. Ugly ducklings make beautiful swans. I suppose only those who were doing the painting on Tuesday were aware of the furiously paddling feet! Having seen the duckling, I’m doubly impressed with the swan. Well done, both!

  6. Looks lovely and fresh in your photos – look forward to seeing it.

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