5 thoughts on “midge-bites and candlelight”

  1. Chris, if you can find a suitable picture of a midge, I will gladly use it. In the mean time I will look into importing some nice big American mosquitos just for you.

  2. Not being an entomologist I will refrain from commenting on the identity of the insect portrayed. However, as regards the poster – looks fine to me. Are you printing some out for distribution – and, if so, where are they to go? Other churches, tourist office, any notice boards in town and around are all possible places that spring to mind.

  3. Margaret, they are being printed as I type, and will be distributed wherever a member of the congregation wishes to put them. Shall I leave some on the porch for you??

  4. Kimberly, I am not sure that I will make it up to the church before Sunday, but will let you know if I can. Otherwise I would be delighted to take some on Sunday and distribute them.

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