Candian synod

Those of you who are familiar with the dynamics of SEC synod may find it interesting to watch a bit of the Canadian General Synod. What strikes me is how calm it all feels, even though (as I type) they are debating same-sex blessings. I have heard one person sound nervous, one person sound confused, but most people seem to be presenting their arguments calmly and clearly. I wonder if it’s ‘cultural difference’, better procedure, or a sort of graciousness that gets lost in the family tensions in our tiny church.

Addendum: It’s getting really radical now. They are praying before taking a vote. Oh what we could learn.

…and there has been a splendid slip of the tongue from the chair: ‘in the order of laity, those opposed to the revolution… rev.. res…resolution please stand.’

10.19pm — The motion to authorize same sex blessing failed. [house of laity: 78 in favour, 59 opposed. house of clergy: 63 in favour, 53 opposed. order of bishops: 19 in favour, 21 opposed.]

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