1 thought on “opaque”

  1. 1. Where did you (/do you) learn about prayer? If it was not through the ‘normal’ life of your church, have you ever received teaching on prayer in your congregation?

    I have run into very little teaching of prayer at church. Granted, I have also been to very few retreats and small group gatherings and that seems to be the place where I hear most people running in to that sort of thing. Certainly, I have learned how to read a written prayer, say a blessing, and I know many ways to say grace before a meal. Not sure if that counts though. Mostly I absorbed my ideas on prayer through watching and listening.

    2. What shapes your understanding of scripture? Does your experience of church lead you to believe that there is one way to read scripture or many ways?

    Many. To be even more specific, different parts of the Bible call to me in different ways when I read them. Many times, I am able to read a passage and gain clarity on something I have been worrying about, even when I have come across the part before and thought something different. If that makes any sense.

    3. Have you ever had a chance to talk with others in your church about your understanding of (and your potential difficulties with) central aspects of faith (e.g. — love, forgiveness, resurrection, redemption, judgment…)? If so, how did the conversation come about?

    In general, I can speak about my understanding of faith but usually only in a scholarly or a general sort of way. When things get too personal or too specific, I tend to back off to a “people believe this” and “The Church states the other” sort of thing. Mostly I just share personal beliefs with my family. It might be that I feel like my deepest beliefs are too personal to share easily. Perhaps I feel a bit too worried about confrontation if (when) someone doesn’t agree with me. Difficult to tell. Anyhow, it comes up all the time at home, in quite random places in the conversation.

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