language games

We haven’t had a poem for a while.  So — following the apophatic dash– Adrienne Rich’s Love Poem (XIII):

The rules break like a thermometer,
quicksilver spills across the charted systems,
we’re out in a country that has no language
no laws, we’re chasing the raven and the wren
through the gorges unexplored since dawn
whatever we do together is pure invention
the maps they have us were out of date
by years…we’re driving through the desert
wondering if the water will hold out
the hallucinations turn to simple villages
the music on the radio comes clear —
neither Rosenkavalier nor Gotterdammerung
but a woman’s voice singing old songs
with new words, with a quiet bass, a flute
plucked and fingered by women outside the law.

in The Dream of a Common Language 

12 thoughts on “language games”

  1. This is one of my favorite all time love poems…what a great way to start the day.

  2. Adrienne Rich is one of my favorite poems – not far behind the ever-fabulous HD.

    Thanks for posting this superb poem!

  3. Lovely poem – but really hard to read! Very pale grey – even paler than the previous post. I reverted to reading it in Bloglines.

  4. Could be a Mac thing – I also had trouble with the faint grey and I’m on a Mac just now.

  5. Now you see, I had read the ‘grey’ thing as a profound comment, till I turned back and saw it was indeed a very very pale grey text indeed. Perhaps a Firefox thing as i am on a PC.

  6. OK, I give in. I’ve upgraded my WordPress — all for the sake of a few shades of grey.

    I have made the font for blockquotes slightly darker, without yet making it the same as the main text. Can you all read it now?

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