surely not

Those of you who are familiar with the enneagram may remember the initial skepticism that comes when someone tells you that human nature can be described in terms of nine basic types. I was utterly convinced that my enigmatic friends wouldn’t yield to such descriptions — but of course, they did, and I relished the uncanny descriptions that made sense of so many mysteries.

Today, I have had a similar experience of skepticism shattering. Chris made a throw away comment after the eucharist about her new Wee Me avatar, and said they had the perfect hair for me. Surely not, I thought. There is no way that a mass market cartoon character is going to end up looking like long-skirted, dog-collared, untrendy me.

Well, I was wrong. It was Molly they couldn’t manage.


wee me


4 thoughts on “surely not”

  1. Updating weemee’s must be the thing – I was updating mine on another site a few days ago. The options allowed were tremendous – it took an age to go through them all but I look better for it :o)

  2. It *does* look like you! I made one of me too but I can’t find it. I’ll have to go and look.

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