Kids today.  In church.  Five of them.  Of their own free will.

Delightful, eager, chatty children.  Looked all around, helped me set the altar, rang the bells, then went home to dinner.

They brought two adults with them too.

So exciting.  One of them even lives near by.

(This must be how twitchers feel on sighting a rare bird…)

6 thoughts on “novelty”

  1. This must be how twitchers feel on sighting a rare bird…

    What fun! Male or female of the species?

  2. In all the excitement my brain is addled. I forgot the late arrival from a different flock. Equally chatty and delightful, patiently playing (and occasionally helping) as we got things ready for a wedding.

    (Male this time; probably can fly, but hopefully will remain nesting a while longer.)

  3. 🙂 Kelvin sent me to your blog; lovely.

    This made me laugh because it reminded me of yesterday. In the middle of my sermon the doors swang open and in marched 4 children, giggling and chatting down the aisle all the way to the choir stalls, where they planted themselves next to the crucifer- one on the floor LOL. I should get a medal for keeping my composure. I didnt once stop preaching, but it was all I could do not to laugh as I looked at all of the blue haired ladies with their jaws dropped. 🙂 I’m glad God has a sense of humor.

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