time and talents

wedding prep

The church has been a hive of activity today in preparation for tomorrow’s wedding. The organist had to flee the hoover. The scent of flowers and furniture polish fills the air. The mower has mown and the strimmer is strimming. No matter how beautiful the finished product, one never guesses how long it actually takes.

13 thoughts on “time and talents”

  1. I really like the look of those tiles on the floor. Is the Church very bright and airy?

  2. The tiles are wonderful, and were ‘found’ under an ugly carpet (before my time). The church can seem light and airy. Or it can be dark and damp. Nothing that a lottery grant or a small miracle couldn’t fix…

  3. Umm, small miracles and the lottery…what you need is a relic….well at least that is how medieval churches kept up a half decent income for regular renovations….of course it helps if there are a few miracles attached to said relic. (The miracle lists for St Cuthbert are hugely long….)

    Alternatively you could try to get an anchoress to voluntarily be walled up in a room off the chapel with a small opening to the world and then ask for a small donation for her prayers and thoughts. (Not a popular life-style choice these days….I wonder why?)

    Trouble is, i do like quiet in Church and medieval churches were supposedly hives of pilgrimage activity……

  4. A strimmer is a sort of small(ish) grass trimmer for doing edges and round eg gravestones. It works by means of a whirring fish-line affair which can be reeled on to the next bit if (when) it breaks. To non-mechanical types like me it smacks of the miraculous. Strimmers strim – hence the present participle “strimming”

  5. Sarah, I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now given Chris’ excellent description. In American, it would have read: ‘weed-whacker whacking.’

    It never occurred to me that it was a British word. Though earlier today I couldn’t think of the British equivalent to U-Hall. (Still haven’t, in fact. The closest we got to communication was ‘like a transit-van?’ ‘no. same size, but shaped like a lorry’ Whatever it is is getting parked on the rectory drive tomorrow after the wedding, bearing provosts and saints.

    (no, wait. That’s a camper-van.
    U-Halls and trailers are so much easier to talk about.)

  6. Ah, but most Brits speak American as found in the movies – corrupted long ago from a state of ancient linguistic purity, don’tcha know.

  7. Kids and a wedding? You must be doing something right!

    P.S. Chris’s clarification will prevent anyone confusing ‘strimmer’ with ‘zimmer’.

  8. I’ve just realised what vehicle we were discussing. It was a camper van! Or, perhaps more accurately, a motor-home, or a motorised caravan. I, meanwhile, was barking up the wrong tree entirely!

  9. No, Chris. You had it right. The conversation about the U-Haul was a variant of the ‘bigger than a bread-box?’ game we had to determine whether said camper-van would fit up the drive.

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