daily prayer

While working on a service for Sunday evening in Rothesay, I came across a clever feed for the daily office from the Church of England. I have added Daily Prayer links in the side bar that will take you to morning or evening prayer each day.

These links are on British time, though if you are reading from elsewhere the main ‘Daily Prayer’ link in the copyright information will tell you what you need to do.

You will find similar links on the websites for St Paul’s and Holy Trinity.

Happy praying.

Addendum:  Molly has just discovered the ribbons on my new Daily Prayer book.  At last she sees the point of the daily office.  But she is horrified at the thought that such fun could be lost on line.

1 thought on “daily prayer”

  1. Lancelot, our Maine Coon, feels the same way about ribbons on psalters at antiphon practice.

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