five a day


The bright black eyes and shining fur of a stoat popping up through the hood (bonnet) of my car as I waited for the ferry.


The tapping of leathery hooves on the road and the shifting of wool as sheep surrounded the car.


The warm sea and kelp at Kilchattan bay.


The just picked peas, a surprise gift, eaten immediately on the drive home.


The cool smooth runner bean, waxy and soft.

peas & beans

3 thoughts on “five a day”

  1. Thank you for the link to the photo of the stoat! I was wondering what one looked like. Now, explain again – this stoat was in the engine? climbing up the front of the car? What did he do when he saw you?

  2. There I was sitting at the ferry, talking on my mobile phone. All of a sudden, A furry little head appeared from inside the hood of the car — from that tiny little crack that collects pollen near the windscreen wipers. We both looked at each other, alarmed.

    Part of my alarm was because, in my confusion, I dubbed it a ferret, and ferrets are nasty when cornered. My window was open a ferret-width. So I was in a dilemma. Turn the key to close the window and risk roasted rodent, or take my chances opening the door.

    I ended the phone called (storing away the memory of ‘Sorry, have to go. There’s a ferret in the car’ in case it should ever come in handy again) then opened the hood. The non-ferret and I exchanged alarmed glances again, then he ran off into the dark recesses of the car.

    He seems to have found his way out.

    Looking back, I regret my initial panic. He was utterly lovely, and I had the perfect view.

  3. That’s a lovely story. Usually ferrets are fine. Escaped ferrets are usually pets, and very friendly. I think it is mink you meant. Mink are not fine. It is hard to think of anything good about mink, except they are very beautiful and very brave. Only, its ‘Kill Bill’ without the selectivity.

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