Remember the days of falling in love with the church? The days of hope and optimism and joy?

A post on Episcopal Cafe called ‘Episcopal Nerd’ brought it all back and made me laugh. Oh how I longed for a job at the Cathederal School that would let me linger against pillars awash with coloured light. (I ended up instead at a school surrounded by tobacco fields and neon bible-belt signs. God’s sense of humour is sometimes over-rated.)

2 thoughts on “churchiness”

  1. I never, ever was a church nerd. I was always rather cross with churches, including the one which never, ever let me play anything in the nativity play, except a singing angel. This was totally unjust. I could act, could not sing. BUT I had asked questions in Sunday School, so anything beyond a massed rank angel was not for me. Good little girls do not ask question, and certainly don’t pretend to know about coins on head dresses, or anything the teacher does not know about.

    No I was a bible nerd, fed at the generous breast of the British Museum, where the history of it came alive. Ah, Assyria! What a rod to pick – what a God to be able to use THAT as a rod, eh? Dearie me – what a thing to admit to in the Episcopal church!

  2. Ok – I confess. I was a church nerd for decades. I think I still have relapses. A whiff of incense, a “tense, musty, unignorable silence brewed God knows how long”, the echo of a footstep on a loose floor tile – all these can bring it back. I think coming to it all in adult life may have contributed to the addiction after a Presbyterian upbringing – how could God not be present in such an atmosphere?

    But after attending the highest of high masses in Edinburgh yesterday – fine choir, clouds of smoke, synchronised servery and the bishop kept firmly under his canopy except when he was preaching – I found myself wondering at it all and reflecting on what it was I was experiencing. I guess we go on growing ….

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