10 thoughts on “discernment”

  1. I wonder what Molly thinks about the little DOG hanging on the bag?

    (Traitor?????) ‘mmm perhaps that will be a very nice thing to chew?’

  2. hmmmm……
    I’m wondering if Molly thinks anything that arrives into Molly’s home is indeed Molly’s!!
    I think dogs quite happily serve people, but cats are far from daft and they know that we humans are only here to serve them. 😀
    But oh! what a tender, yet curious paw she has.

  3. One little cat on the Isle of Bute would like it known that the vet has now let her free … in the sitting room, anyhow! Oh yes, no more puppy crate for Puddy Em – her pelvis is well on the way back to health!

  4. Wonderful news Rosemary. Have you told her she’s becoming a house cat yet?

    Let us hope that the rest of your menagerie keep safe and well for a long time now.

  5. She is currently just so grateful to be a one room cat! But the run of bad luck continues – sheep now. they got into the feed store on Thursday, and two are recovering and one really poorly. I really did think I had managed to fasten the door, but will now need to get a padlock – not easy to fix as it is an old caravan.

  6. Joy! The sheep who was dying yesterday is recovering fast today! I really really thought I had lost her. Now need to get son out to fix a padlock to the door, as I fear they got in by bursting the catch open.

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