buyer beware

This is another public service announcement:

Choose where to buy your printer ink very carefully.

My two month old laser printer needs ink, which is a bit of a surprise given that my old printer only needed ink 4 times in its entire life.   So off I went to PCWorld.  I realised that the ink cartridge for my printer was smaller than many of the others and seemed to be priced accordingly at £37.  When I went to pay, it came up as £74.  There were no specifications telling me how many pages it would print, and that seemed like a lot for two month’s worth of ink.   So I went home to check on line.

For the same ink cartridge, with a pathetic yield of 2,000 pages (I got the wrong printer…) the price is as follows:

  • PC Word — £74.99
  • HP on line — £49.99
  • Amazon — £39.99

Is it any wonder Amazon has taken over the world?

5 thoughts on “buyer beware”

  1. Sarah, many places sell refilled print cartridges at a fraction of the price. Often ‘generic’ brands come about in this way.

    I have always been wary of using them, because the clever little bit of coper the regulates everything does degrade after a while.

    But perhaps Moyra can reassure us. Can you really be sure of clean copies on a refill? (remember, my printer is the church printer. There is no photocopier, so the printer hums away busily all the time.)

  2. Have you tried I use them for laser cartridges and they are cheap and deliver within 48 hours for those days when it has run out and you have given it a good shake and are praying you will get those extra copies you need. If I was organised I would always buy 2 at a time of course.

    Our local shop does the refill jobbies but I dont think they last as long. False economy I reckon.

  3. refills and generic named cartridges have always gone a bit peculiar in my printers. That could, of course, reflect on something I do to my printers rather than on the refills 🙂

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