and a bright light shone

When I lived on the Southside of Glasgow, it was a fairly regular occurrence to have a police helicopter sweeping overhead.  Once it was there for the better part of an hour, sweeping towards me, hovering near the building, checking all the gardens, veering off to the Gorbals, only to return.  I never thought twice about it, save to enjoy the excitement and comfort the cats.

But when the same thing happens in Dunoon, with the chopper hovering over the rectory for 10 minutes, moving only as far as the bishop’s glen before returning,  it is slightly more unnerving.  (I watch all this, of course, from one of my many ground floor single glazed rooms.)

So, I decide to risk making a fool of myself by checking in with the local police.  But it’s Saturday, so I get shunted to Strathclyde.

‘Look,’ says I, ‘there’s a helicopter hovering over my house sweeping my garden.  Is there something I should know about?  I live alone in a remote area.’

‘If there is a helicopter hovering,  it means that the police are dealing with an ongoing incident.  They are sweeping your garden in order to deal with it.  There is nothing to worry about.’

How very reassuring.

Now, shall I heat the mulled wine to soothe the fretful felon should be appear?

5 thoughts on “and a bright light shone”

  1. The overwhelming probability is that it is a missing person. a poor soul gone missing form grief or anxiety or confusion. Heat the mulled wine, then.

  2. Thanks, Rosemary. That’s a helpful thought (for now and in future).

    Lest any reader is worrying (and thanks to the one who rang), I am fine and all is well now. The rabbits are grazing calmly, and the deer is nibbling on the tree.

  3. Do you know, I think there’s the foundations of a Christmas parable or story in there…..helicopter overhead, unexpeted visitation, Gabriel seen in Dunoon, that sort of thing. You haven’t seen a big star and been visited by three kings dressed in strange outfits, too?
    Hope this allows you to smile at what must have felt very anxiety making…..

  4. I bet Mary and Joseph would have appreciated some mulled wine…
    Hope you are having a calm night tonight.

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