seasonal lament

As I sat at my computer, eating a quick dinner of cabbage and mash I decided to catch up on my ‘blog 2’ list (i.e. ‘enjoy reading, but not a daily priority’).

The first blogger was rhapsodising over a week of nightly baking: sugar cookies, chocolate chip shortbread, peanut butter oatmeal cookies (it’s an American thing). I sought solace elsewhere.

Blogger number two was excited because she’d fulfilled all her household tasks and had made snickerdoodles and white-chocolate cranberry cookies.

Blogger number three had had friends round, who had cleaned her house and helped her make chocolate chip cookies.

I continued to munch on cabbage, wondering where my domestic life went wrong.

4 thoughts on “seasonal lament”

  1. You should stick to reading the blogs of the more slatternly of your contacts – probably too busy blogging to be housewifely!

  2. Your house and kitchen joined mine! My house is cold and a tip, and of Christmas baking, which I greatly enjoy, there is none except a no-added-sugar Christmas pud for a very old and dear diabetic friend who does not have the knack.

    Upstairs I have my daughter’s bridal outfit, and my coat for said occasion. tonight, is despair over the dress, which made me look like a Flower Fairy of the Autumn, I rang a friend, who came and helped me condemn it, and then summon the plan of a new dress, phoenix-like, out of the ashes.

    The only slight drawback is that I now have to make this dress.

    In the hall, I have yet more posters for the Christingle, needing put up. I have however sorted out the hymns for said event with the organist. I do know more or less what I will be saying –

    I still have not the ability to drive my car. Cycling in this weather is grim and slow.

    I need to go to Glasgow tomorrow to finish Christmas shopping and buy yet more fabric to enable the dress to do its phoenix act……

    My daughter arrives Saturday night – and if she fails to fit either of the components of her outfit, I tell you NOW it will be the solution adopted by Cinderella’s sisters.

    the very thought of cookies (other than pre packaged) makes me feel vaguely murderous. (i.e. a strong desire to kill somebody, but maybe not anybody who might actually feed me one.)

  3. Oh, AND there appears to be a bitch in season locally, and my dog, who normally sticks closer than a burr is obsessed with escaping to pursue his love life.

  4. Kimberly, you make an outstanding hot chocolate (especially during Lent for people who don’t know about caffeine content), which more than makes up for piles of baking. And as for the housekeeping, just think of mine, and you’ll feel so much better. My theory is that there are always better things to do, and you’ve probably found them.

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