8 thoughts on “alas”

  1. Sad. The picture looks so different with this format than the other! the framing colour changes things utterly. However, the Lent blog must have it’s place, I see the issue!

  2. I spent longer than I would like to admit hunting through all the formats, tinkering with CSS to see what I could do. But in the end, I just had to give up. The original designer of the last format (Ambiru) seems to have gone to ground, and there are endless requests in the forums for her to update the format so that it includes widgets.

  3. Sigh. Designers shouldn’t create such loveliness and then abandon it!

    You are a better woman than I, I would have given up long ago . . . css . . . shudder.

  4. no, css is elegant and lovely.

    It’s some of the style sheets that are ugly. (And the elegance of Ambiru’s style sheet was in inverse proportion to that of its visual form.)

  5. I concede. I guess I have always linked the concept and ever-changing visuals to CSS itself, which I can see is mistaken.

    Still, I love that something that a system so flexible is also simple enough to be understood and used by novices. Though as with so much that interests me, I doubt I’ll ever make it past the dabbling stage.

  6. CSS is brilliant. Change one, change everything. I love it!

    I agree, a well crafted page of CSS script looks great! I cry everytime I hit my “View Page Source” button on Firefox and a mess is placed before me, nay, flung before me!

    On a related note, I like the layout, the colours and image go well.

  7. I for one am happy to see the sidebar back! I use it. Either way, the picture above is lovely.

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