I do wish the snow would just make up its mind to stay for the night.  All this bluster and mess with no result is just a tease.

Those reading this west of the Clyde:  be careful.  The road crews (gritters, clearers) are on strike right now.  Didn’t they time that well?

4 thoughts on “indecision”

  1. I left town with light snow that I knew wouldn’t lie with the ground being wet. by the time I got to my flat, it was rain 😦 . It’s also ridiculously cold due to the harsh winds.
    I dislike East Coast weather.

  2. That’s funny. I miss East Coast weather. My memory of Fife this time of year is of cold clear days, blue skies and striving daffodils. Whereas Dunoon is rain rain rain with apparently ceaseless winter wind.

  3. In Aberdeen its very windy but we have not had much rain – we can hear the wind howling outside – no snow as yet but we are promised some apparantly over the weekend – got an overnight vigil in a church tomorrow night – its going to be freezing!

  4. Mary, I suspect you’ll be enjoying it too much to notice the cold. Though I hope everyone can get there safely…

    The snow is still dithering here. But the winds are such that the ferries are mostly off, which means I have cancelled my trip to Bute and am classing this as ‘snow day: gift of God: day for prayer and reading.’

    (and hopefully properly blogging at some point.)

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