It was as fine a day as could be in Edinburgh today. I now know how to make a mess of edit the provincial website. I received more stellar spiritual direction. And I had ten minutes to spare just at the right time of day for a light show at the cathedral.

6 thoughts on “lighten…”

  1. No HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! For the record, Dante was RIGHT about the nether circle of hell.

  2. So you got some Justin Reynolds Web Monkey training ™ too?
    I know how to mess up the PYN part 😀

  3. You and me both hen. At least I have electricity but the aga’s been out since Sunday and is so far resisting all efforts to fix it. Brrr! It’s the cooking that’s tricky – there are limits to what can be made with a ring and a microwave (or at least limits to the things I’m prepared to cook!).

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