tree cutting

Power’s back.  Tree looks sad.  I’ll try to cheer him up later once the big saws have gone away.

I highly recommend an evening without electricity.  Molly and I gathered round the camp fire (i.e.  bunch of candles on the table) and enjoyed the lights moving up and down the river.

7 thoughts on “restoration”

  1. OK, I really must convince my community that there is pressing mission work to be done in your neighborhood. By me.

  2. Oh Sarah, there is, there is!

    Come be our resident spiritual director — or failing that, come run a ‘retreat in daily life for us’ for six weeks.

    Or you could teach us about mission.

    Or you could be our community liaison person, building up connections.

    You could do schools work, or visit the elderly.

    It is all here for you to do, if only we can find the air fare and convince Mother Superiorly-arched-eyebrow to let you go for a while.

    I know: let’s convince the Diocese to send you here on placement as part of your training.

  3. I’m free after June 2010. How does your calendar look?

    Actually, I’m planning to convince the Diocese to let me have my second unit of field education in Haiti next summer – wish me luck! (I’ll be applying for a grant for the airfare.)

  4. On that note, perhaps there’s some way of incorporating music into a 1/2 year retreat. I’d be glad to sacrifice and come over for it. I bet I could convince Calvary Choir to come with me!

    Are you sure about Haiti? The news is definitely not good from there.

  5. The news is never good from there. We hear things like, “only 14 kidnappings last month, much better!” – but if I don’t go before I’m ordained, I’ll never get posted there. We need priests in Boston, not Haiti, and I need a second unit of field ed and a global Christianity credit. Along with all the other, longer-term and service-oriented reasons. Also, I want to understand my Haitian sisters and learn some Creole – half the sisters my age are Haitian, and more will be coming, I think. I don’t expect it will be easy, but it seems necessary. I’ll be asking your prayers for safety.

    I’d be glad to give up some holiday time to come work in Dunoon, though!

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