dangerous temptation

List-lovers, look at this new toy I’ve just found. To-do lists, project breakdown, filtering for where you accomplish it…

The internet offers so many ways for MBTI P’s to try to live like J’s. The trouble is the sheer volume of them lets you start again and again, with more and more organizational systems running.

Just to prove my ingrained P-ishness (which has been doubted recently), I currently have:

  1. one paper diary (down from three)
  2. two electric diaries (dormant, but not forgotten)
  3. one splendid paper to-do list
  4. one Mac-based to do list
  5. several spiral notebooks
  6. a computer folder marked ‘ideas’
  7. a computer folder marked ‘resources’
  8. computer stickies
  9. paper stickies
  10. and — if I succumb to temptation –a shiny new vitalist.

I confess, making a vitalist is probably not how one should spend a Friday night off… Perhaps I will let Molly coax me to the sofa instead.

14 thoughts on “dangerous temptation”

  1. Night off? I can recommend ;
    Lounging in bed ,
    Laptop connected to newly installed wireless network,
    Little dog cuddled up beside,
    Coffee to hand
    3 sons plus dear husband in living room, in varying stages of mortal combat, on pc, psp, and ps2!
    Bedroom door firmly closed and off limit to non females!

  2. Nah, passing on angst from ‘person a’, channelling it through oneself, and feeding it on to Rector, who should have been having a night on the sofa – that’s what to do.

  3. You must resist the temptation to make more lists! What about eating some seriously good chocolate instead and allowing yourself to doze off while reading something gripping but essentially trivial? And then, in the morning, just do one thing that you remember as needing done. Then, if you have time, do another. See? painless!

  4. I should have added this: Hamlet was by nature a list-maker. (“My tablets…meet it is I set it down”) Look what happened to him!

  5. I nearly laughed out loud reading this. Sounds so much like me (minus the gadget versions, plus two or three paper lists). I’ll have to go investigate your new toy.

    All the same, I think Chris’ idea sounds like the most attractive one!

  6. Does it have to be a tragic Shakespearian hero/heroine? Because if I can have a comedy it would be Beatrice. How odd, in English comedy has only one ‘m’.

  7. ‘Vitalist’ sounds frighteningly like a member of an austere sect which lives on turbo all the time. Don’t get hooked!

  8. too late. It’s wonderful.

    Imagine being able to drag and drop things from one day/ category to another on a web page.

    And I think they designed it for ‘Ps’ — there’s a category marked ‘someday’.

  9. I’ve just remembered what “vitalist” reminds me of. It’s Vitalite.
    Margarine. For anyone who can’t remember it, check this out. Wonderful!

  10. As a fellow P who could do with a dose of J-ishness, may I recommend yellow stickies as list-writer-onner of choice. You can even stick one to the dog to remind you to brush him.

  11. The trick is to have a category of ‘things I could throw out of the balloon if I run out of time.’ Oh, the joy of jettisoning them! (I’m another P) (and so is the old lady for whom I clean on a Monday morning. ‘Have a coffee FIRST,’ she says, ‘Start as you mean to go on!’ She’s got short term memory problems now, but this is plainly a time honoured joke with her, bless. She is SO RIGHT.)

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