act of mercy

My best friend has just told me of on-line horrors.

She put ‘Holy Trinity Church service times Dunoon’ into Google, and found neither my blog, nor the church blog, nor even the diocesan web page, but a blog-like thing that had a repeating nasty-passport type photo of me on it.

Now, those of you who know me know I hate photos, and try not to let many of them be seen.  So I have no idea where this horrid photo came from, nor indeed what the site is.  But the fact that my best friend tells me it is an awful picture that I need to get rid of…

The trouble is,  when I type in the above search string, I get the blogs you’d expect:  Holy T’s own site & Wonderful Exchange. I have hunted through 9 pages of Google.  I have hunted through 3 pages of Yahoo.  If any of you can find the offending site, would you please let me know?

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5 thoughts on “act of mercy”

  1. oh no. She was quite specific. Blog type thing. Photo of the shore at the top. Repeating passport photo of medussa, and correct information about our service times.

    She can’t find it now either. All very strange.

  2. Hello. Er, I guess that must be me then…the “best friend”, mother of godchildren, keeper of Kimberly’s “other” cat, wife of the Adventurer, general photo monitor ….. How to endear myself and cause general chaos, eh?!

    Mr E (who also has an aversion to photos of self!)remembers it too, but we’ve both had a look and suspect that it’s disappeared into cyberspace. Possibly a link that’s gone over the past couple of weeks?

    Love the blog and the new church website. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the weekend.


    (The photo was a beauty, mind!!! xx)

  3. How splendid to hear from you here.

    I very much hope we never see the nasty-photo site again. But I am intrigued by it. It’s a bit worrying that you found a website about the church that I know nothing about at all.

    Ecclesiastic sabotage? Anti-bloggers getting even? The mind boggles.

    Who’s looking after Tam this weekend? Poor puss.

    (p.s. to KT– sorry for the annoying ‘best friend’ label. But ‘mother of my god-children’ is a bit cumbersome, and the blog world is the one place where I can’t just say ‘Katy’).

  4. Oh my goodness…………. Tam!!!


    (Don’t worry! She’ll be in good hands with central heating, real tuna and chicken. I just need to make the phone call and book her in…… Nothing like the last minute!)

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