bloggers and bluebells

Thanks to Kelvin for the reminder to make this official. I’ve been telling people here and there, but forgot to post.

There is sufficient interest for the Piskie Bloggers day to go ahead on Saturday, 17 May in Dunoon.

10.30 – 11.30 am coffee at the rectory (address below the fold).
11.30 am – 3 pm walk through the bluebell woods & Puck’s glen.
3 pm – 4pm tea, coffee (and maybe bailey pies, if you’re lucky)

Do we want to end with a eucharist, or would that be too much like work?

If it rains, the brave can go walking anyway, and the prissy (me) can stay home and make their own fun. Now, would you pass word on and let me know if you are coming so that I can plan accordingly.

Those I know are coming are listed below the fold.

  1. Kate (A Telling Place) — from the Borders
  2. Elizabeth — from Glasgow
  3. KB & Molly-cat (plan to be nice to her. She goes to cat-prison the Monday after, and you are stealing her Saturday afternoon lap time.)
  4. Rosemary — from Rothesay
  5. Kelvin — from Glasgow
  6. Chris — from Dunoon
  7. Zebadee
  8. Mother Patience (Mrs Zebadee)
  9. Stewart — from Glasgow
  10. Eamonn & Valerie — from Glasgow
  11. Mother Ruth — Portobello

Holy Trinity Rectory,
Kilbride Road
Dunoon, PA 23 7LN

There’s a map here.

Western Ferries run from Gourock 3 – 4 times an hour. Come this way if you want to bring your car, or if it suits you better.

Cal-Mac ferries are less frequent, but bring you to the centre of Dunoon.

If we have a few cars on this side to shuttle people to and from the bluebells, the rest can come on foot and we’ll find a way to pick you up from the ferry.

27 thoughts on “bloggers and bluebells”

  1. You have to have a Eurcharist to finish.

    Kelvin has been considering a servers’ day out. This could be the ideal opportunity, even though we are probably going to head to Edinburgh the following Thursday for Corpus Christi (as well).

    It would also give plenty of photo opportunities.

  2. So, Stewart, does that mean you’re coming, and that I should put you down as ‘server’ for the eucharist?

    I wish I could join you in Edinburgh. But since I shall be in New England by then, I suspect I shall have to look for rose petals elsewhere.

  3. Count me in – I’m sick of virtue, abstaining from fun in order to work, being good, putting myself last, being calm, being sensible, thinking of others, remembering I’m part of a larger group, and indeed, the plans I had before to go and visit parts of my family now look – well pretty unlikely. I’m utterly exhausted, too, so I vote for rain and sitting indoors.

  4. Will get back to you after Sunday. No doubt Elizabeth will prompt me – especially if a lift from Glasgow could be available. She is in charge as the MC after all – now who is Crucifer?

  5. Feast day of St Cathan (of Bute). St Blane’s uncle. Remembered in lots of place names (Ardchattan, Kilchattan etc).

    Good day to pray for those who travel by sea especially on the Clyde, the churches of Argyll, ministry in Scotland and everyone called Mackintosh. (The Mackintoshes are the principal clan in Clan Chattan, if memory serves me correctly. I know that on this point, one of your regular readers will put us right).

    Glorious festival mass called for.

  6. Right, Kelvin. You’re preaching then… Unless Rosemary wants to fight you for it.

    (how little I know about this part of the world. Somehow, ‘local history’ hasn’t even made it on to the infamous to-do list)

  7. Kelvin, you’re quite right about Clan Chattan. When I first acquired the name McIntosh I couldn’t help observing that the clan Mackintosh had the largest grave at Culloden and wondering if this held any implications for married life. However, my maiden name also belonged to the same federation of clans, so maybe I was doomed anyway.

    Do you think local bloggers would be welcome at this fest?

  8. How delightful, Kimberly.

    A magnificent idea.

    I would have really loved a wee excursion over to the Wild West but work keeps me here on Saturdays, as every other day!


  9. Chris, I was kind of hoping you and Di might help us choose the best path. I want the impossible, you see:

    Up Puck’s glen from the car part, and the best of the Kilmun bluebells.

  10. I would love to join you but I’m afraid I’m off with the Scouts that weekend learning how to camp. I also think it might not be possible as a day trip from Aberdeen! But thank you for the invitation, and I hope the rain that I’ll inevitably get for my first night under canvas won’t stretch down to you!

  11. We intend being with you for the day. What anticipation.

    Kimberly do you require fudge doughnuts as an entry fee?

  12. I wonder if Rosemary and father Zebadee have ever met…

    This could be interesting.

    Delighted you’re both coming.

    father Zebadee, is this going to be your coming out party, or are we calling you by your pseudonym all day?

  13. I unfortunately cannot be with you all. I can’t take another Saturday off work, the weekend before is the Glenalmond youth leaders meeting.
    I’m gutted to say the least.
    If anything changes then I will of course let you know.

  14. Yes. It was very odd to receive an invitation to my own event — though I was grateful for the initiative. I’m on Facebook, but I don’t really use it (or like it).

  15. Kathryn – the St Mary’s Cathedral Sacristan – will also be coming.

    I now have all the seats in my car (from Glasgow) spoken for – either definitely or provisionally.

    However, will I be transporting the “Cope of Glory”?

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