dressing for the occasion

So, there we were, quietly paddling about in the river:  my friend in wide linen trousers cuffed and safety pinned at the knee, and me in a full length skirt, gathered up in swathes to a decorous ‘below the knee’.  Oh, and I had my handbag over my shoulder,  of course, since it held my water and keys.

Somehow I don’t think that’s quite the view the three twenty-somethings were expecting when they climbed up the salmon leap.

6 thoughts on “dressing for the occasion”

  1. Kimberley – sounds like you have had a trip to Pitlochry (or Lochs Tummel and/or Rannoch).

    What attracted you to the salmon leap?

    If so and you encountered a large number of MG, you have met up with the MGCC Caledonia May THree Day run, based in Pitlochry.

    Yours truly was doing the photoshoot. Got (rain) soaked yesterday, and sun soaked today.

  2. and will be welcome. But I very much doubt you’ll get one of me with my skirt tucked up as I wade through 18 inches of water.

  3. Salmon-leap, 15 minutes from home? Times like this, I seriously wonder why I live in a city.

  4. Yes, but you don’t need to drive for an hour to get to decent coffee (or a shop that sells artichokes, alphonso mangoes, things grown in the UK, bin liners that don’t rip…).

    In a week like this, Dunoon wins; but in rainy November??

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