flat stanleyMeet Stanley. He got flattened by a bulletin board.

He has come to visit from the States, and is helping a little girl named Molly learn geography.

He’s just arrived and will be with me for a few days. Photo opportunities abound.

stanley\'s adventures

11 thoughts on “flatlander”

  1. No way!?! Flat Stanley!!
    We did this for my cousins a year or so back. Stan came from Canada, total dude!

    To be honest, I can’t remember if we sent him back…. :/ we must have!

  2. Thank you, Doug, for that exhonoration.

    If you you find your Stanley of old, I’m sure we could send them both back with a long story about ancestry and a set of paper bagpipes.

  3. Sadly Stanley overslept this morning and didn’t get up in time to be pasted onto card and carried around today.

    I guess I’d better take a photo of him with Molly…

  4. Stanley has had a mixed week. He’s been to church a few times. Went to Rothesay today. I was hoping for some stunning photos today, but it was too hazy. Neither would the highland cow come out to play. I’ll keep trying, and send him back next week.

  5. Hi Kimberly!
    This is Molley’s mom and I’m so thankful that you’re able to do this for Molley. She’s going to be SO excited! She’s been waiting in not-so-patient anticipation. 🙂
    Must say, I’m a bit jealous of Stanley. Sounds like a lot of fun. Scotland is definitely the best place I’ve ever visited. I’d love to go again someday with my husband. And I’ll let you know if I do. Maybe I can hit you up for a tour!
    Take care and thanks again!

  6. Stanley has a date with some bluebells on Saturday, and will be sent on his way home. Do you suppose Sarah would dare to let us meet were you in Scotland?

  7. Not sure about that – you both have waaaaay too much information and too many stories on me – combining the two would be dangerous. (-:

    Unless, of course, I were there to throw in my own about the two of you!

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