5 thoughts on “pentecost”

  1. Beryl, welcome.

    I’m sorry I have deleted your posts.

    I first thought ‘oh help, another Kimberly, this is going to get confusing.’ Then I looked to see who it was, and saw my own name and email. I had a quick ‘my computer has been taken over’ panic, deleted the posts, and rebooted my computer .

    So, now that we’ve both figured it out, would you like to try again?? You were saying what the picture reminded you of…

    In case anyone is wondering, it is another photo from Sweden — this time of a painting in an urban church centre.

  2. Yes, beautiful picture looks like hands joined around make it look like a star or flower

  3. What struck me is how it all seems to point towards the centre – particularly meaningful after a weekend working with the glenalmond leaders, including a session or two on teamwork…

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