Saturday’s revelries

A few bits of information for those coming to Bloggers and Bluebells on Saturday.

  1. We gather at the Rectory between 10.30 – 11.30 am.
  2. We travel to Kilmun Arboretum for a walk through bluebells and the top bit of Puck’s glen. This roughly a 2 hour walk, for which you will want proper shoes/ boots. There is also the option to meander a lower path and sit amidst bluebells, or indeed to stay at the rectory.
  3. Please bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of water for yourself (and for your dogs).
  4. We return to the rectory for tea, and then gather for the eucharist at 3.30 pm (time may be negotiated).

Travel arrangements:

  1. If you are brining the car, use Western Ferries. Stop in Gourock to buy tickets; they cost twice as much on the boat.
  2. If you are coming on foot, use Cal Mac.
  3. There is a map to help you find the rectory here. It is a 10-15 minute walk from the Cal Mac pier.
  4. Please email me if you need my phone number.


We have had RSVPs from 5 dogs so far. They are welcome in the garden and on the walk, but not in the house. That is Molly’s domain. I’ll have big bowls for water, but please bring whatever else you need.


If you anticipate avoiding the walk but want to sit outside, please bring a folding chair if you can. We have two chairs and a couple of blankets for the lawn, but that is all.


sadly, there are many in Dunoon. Please consider this when planning your clothing.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

9 thoughts on “Saturday’s revelries”

  1. Fear nothing. My dogs are far less stressed in their own car.

    Saturday is marked to be the one wet day in weeks, which is typical as I have prospective purchasers viewing my house.

  2. Note for Flat Stanley – The British now measure temperature in French…. 😉

  3. Am frustrated as cannot make this jolly. I could blame QAA Scotland and report deadlines, but actually it’s just too much to do in too short a time.
    I know you’re off for a holiday sometime soon – so I hope this weekend is a preview of restful, contemplative fun 🙂
    ps did you hear +++(!)Rowan’s lecture on the Cardinal’s Lecture series website, Westminster Cathedral? (It’s been streamed….)

  4. I’m sorry you can’t be with us, Vicky.

    Rosemary — the British can do as they like. Stanley and Megan and Molly and I will continue to think in inches, miles and degrees Fahrenheit (though we can also work in degrees Kelvin when necessary.)

  5. Memo to self – read the posting more carefully in future before asking questions as the answers in nearly always there.

    As for degrees Kelvin – ask the gentleman in question how many degrees he has 😉

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