as it turned out


A first today in the church registry: ‘Eucharist, 14, SEC Blogging Community’.

Most of my photo opportunities were purloined by the dog who was just so excited that he had to run away. No doubt others have done better. Photos of Bad-dog Blogger Max, Better Behaved Blogger Bridget, and some of their human companions are below the fold.

There is also a photo of a T-shirt that you just have to see. A splendid and unlikely gift.

Bad-dog Max
‘What do you mean you’re looking for me? I’m right here, by the car.’

bad-dog max

Good-dog Bridget
‘You promised me water-falls, and now you tell me this is all I get?’

good dog bridget

Not just for canines…

blogger gals

And, the T-shirt of glory:

Amos rules

16 thoughts on “as it turned out”

  1. The t-shirt of glory was great; walk was great; really liked the back of the chasuble.

    However, many, many thanks to Kimberley for the day.

  2. Max would like to apologise for his lapses. He has promised never to do anything bad ever again.

    I arrived home to find my house was more spotless than it has ever been before, but i have no idea how the viewing went.

    I remembered two favourite family games on the way home which I will keep for the next Bloggers Day. Many many thanks to Kimberly, not least for her patience with Bad Dog – and Bridget would like to say how beautiful she thinks the picture of her is!

    Now I’m off to bed to finish an excellent book about dragons I have been lent…

  3. Had a fabulous time. Thanks so much for everything!

    And thank Molly for putting up with all of us. I hope she’s over the trauma of it all….

  4. I had a very good time – and I would like to know why my desire to go forth and multiply and be fruitful is not suitable for a church blog? It is a very puzzling world indeed.

  5. Thank you very much to Di and Kimberly for being so very nice to me (see, I’m a good dog I am) and I’m sorry Max has no better manners, but I’ve tried to teach him, honest.

  6. Great to put faces to bloggers! Our thanks for a super idea and for being included in the fun.
    The Zebedees

  7. Tim – lovely, lovely photos from the walk: terrific clarity and detail. I especially love the water ones. Now to go hunt the people pics …

  8. I’m sorry I missed the walk but it was good to meet you all, however briefly, on the morning. I reply to a previous post…………SEC is using the most modern forms of communication yet some of you still think in imperial measures. You know who you are! Metrication Also Rules OK!

  9. Ah, but the internet was conceived and developed by those who thought in imperial measures, as are most of the programs we use.

    The Americans will win this debate, truly.

  10. Thanks chris.

    Forget “metric”. SI units for precision. Otherwise, my conveyance of choice does 33,112.8 furlongs per hogshead and is happy with it! 😉

  11. Is that a hogshead for beer or wine? Even so the worst case (beer at 63 gallons) thats over 65mpg. I’m impressed Tim.

    ps I need to ask your advice re wireless broadband, we talked briefly about it at the Rectory?

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