time for change

now the holidays and synod are done, it’s time for a bit of blog restlessness. I’m going to play about with themes again.

I like the one I’ve had, but I’m bored. Trouble is: there aren’t many left worth using. So, forgive the flitting, and don’t be surprised if it all goes back again in a few days, and remember, CSS gets played with in bits, so don’t rush in to tell me all that could be improved.

13 thoughts on “time for change”

  1. Hmm, not sure about the skin Kimberly….but I understand the ‘bored’ sentiment.

  2. It’s been a busy few weeks, not much time for me to sit down and potter about to get my blog on the go but I will get it done this week, no joke. I’m wanting to tinker a bit with the CSS so might self host!

    this is an “interesting” theme.

  3. you all got in while I was still tinkering with CSS. The trouble is, you need to change the design before you can change colours. But, inevitably, I don’t like it. So, on to the next option… (or, back to what it was. We’ll see.)

  4. Whew!! I fully understand and support the playing – and will even endure horrid limey green if I must, but I must confess to a certain relief at seeing the old design back. I missed the water . . . .

    Still . . . I’m looking forward to seeing what other tinkering you have in mind!

  5. no, I’ve given up.

    You might lose the water for a while if I come up with a different header pic,
    and then of course, when I change the picture I tweak all the colours…
    but after several wasted hours very late last night, I admit defeat.

    Why is it, though, that once the horrid limey green became a clean mossy green, the only accent colour that really worked was a watermelon-red that screamed ‘I’m from the 80’s’?

  6. Well, I WAS the most beautiful thing to be seen, anyhow! And all it would take to make me good is more love. Probably. We could experiment with more love and more rabbits to … love.

  7. Apologies in advance for this question as it may sound daft. I knew there was a daily prayer section on your blog, but hadn’t realised until this evening that it was split into morning and evening prayer. That said, they appear to be written in a way which would mean that someone was leading the prayer. So, if someone wants to get the most out of these, how should they be read?
    Be nice 🙂

  8. Momisa, sorry I haven’t been able to ring. But till I can, an answer to your question will be fodder for a new post. But I might write the other one I had in mind first. If it works…

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